Gordon, a resident of Battersea is documenting oral histories, aspirations and reservations of the regeneration developments in the SW11 area using photography.

The TS 2 project will culminate in an exhibition displayed in community venues throughout Battersea and Clapham. Gordon’s current interests around architecture, places of familiarity, and the public’s opinions about the regeneration, photographic archive and accompanying essays will be documented in a TS 2 book. Written by Gemma Legrande and Robert Musgrave MBE, it will add another layer of meaning to the project.

Gordon is currently the founding manager of Talent Scene, a company that produces, promotes young talented people in the SW11 area with an online presence. He is being mentored by international visual artist Faisal Abdu’Allah and is supported by the London borough of Wandsworth and Pumphouse Gallery.

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