D Eye Y

6 February 2013- 7 April 2013

BBKP- Nathan Birchenough, Nicholas Brown, Craig Kao, Savvas Papasavva

Artists group BBKP, Nathan Birchenough, Nicholas Brown, Craig Kao, Savvas Papasavva, present their photography commission exhibition D Eye Y at the Pump House Gallery from the 6 February 2013.

D Eye Y is an animated, imaginative journey exploring non digital photography.  Over the past months, Wandsworth based Artist Group BBKP have been working with residents, artists and community groups to experiment with photographic processes and equipment.  This exhibition is a celebratory culmination of their work and will include images, interactive photography artefacts and self made cameras.  Enjoy the beauty of slit screen images, the intrigue of a camera made from a peanut - and the joy of a 'cow-camera'.

From tiny pictures taken by a monkey nut shell-made-camera to a self made mobile pop-up dark room for developing your own pictures, this exhibition will present the photographs taken during the duration of the project alongside cameras made from unusual objects.  Vintage broken cameras converted to such effect as to pull the film across a slender slit producing an obscured and warped effect in the images.  On the ground floor will sit a functioning photo booth, created and built by the group themselves. An X marks the spot for the participant to have a go and take an image of themselves in the space. Large light boxes will form an archive displaying images created in various stages of development.

N.B The gallery will be closed on Monday 1st April 2013.

Image of Battersea Park taken using a slit scan camera

BBKP | Detail of Slit-scan to Battersea Park 2012

A collection of the pin hole camera made out of peanut shell, as displayed in the gallery.

BBKP | Peanut Wall 2013

A collection of built cameras, as displayed in the gallery.

BBKP | 35mm Shelve Ensemble 2013