At Home

7 February 2014- 30 March 2014

Private view: 6 February 2014 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Hetain Patel

The Pump House Gallery is delighted to present At Home, a major touring exhibition by artist Hetain Patel.At Home will include existing and newly commissioned work by Patel. This exhibition at the Pump House Gallery will mark a shift in the artist’s work, as the result of a new approach by the artist to his way of working. At Home started with the artist taking self-portraits followed by the inclusion of other […]

Pump House Open

28 November 2013- 22 December 2013

The Pump House Gallery is delighted to hold its first Open exhibition.  Curated by six young artists from Action Space London Studio in collaboration with Hannah Conroy, the exhibition will showcase local artists work and will offer an insight into an unconventional approach to curating an Open exhibition.As a result of an open call, the exhibition will be showing the selected works on the subject of ‘Tradition’ and the passing down […]

Everyday Objects

20 September 2013- 10 November 2013

Jason Taylor

Artist Jason Taylor works with everyday items or ‘readymades’, and loves tinkering with them to combine, adapt and transform them in to new designs. This exhibition includes over 100 of his ‘Everyday Objects’ displayed in specially designed units, created from wallpaper paste table. It also includes a selection of Taylor’s classic object, his Grate Lights, his Walk Lights and his scrubbing brush seats. Jason Taylor is an established designer who […]

The Mayor’s Thames Festival

4 September 2013- 15 September 2013

Artists of the River Pageant

Now, one year on from the Thames Diamond Jubilee River Pageant and as part of this year’s Mayor’s Thames Festival, more than 50 works of art created at various points along the route, commemorating the biggest event the river has ever seen, will go on display for the first time.Three years in the making, close to a million people turned out on the banks of the river to cheer on the […]

Art in the American Embassy

17 July 2013

Pupils from St George’s Church of England, Chesterton and Sir James Barrie Primary schools.

From June to July, pupils from local primary schools have been working on a project to introduce the local community to their neighbour-to-be the American Embassy.  The Embassy will be moving to Nine Elms in 2017, and ahead of this artist Jasleen Kaur has worked with Sir James Barrie, St George's CE and Chesterton Primary Schools on a project exploring travel, transport and new homes.This project explores these ideas  […]

Delicious Monsters: Plants of the Imagination

26 June 2013- 30 June 2013

11am – 5pm FREESince April, pupils from Westbridge, St George’s, Christ Church CE and Falconbrook primary schools in Battersea have been working with four artists to cover each floor of the Pump House Gallery with individual environments inspired by the borough park.  The gallery will be filled with plant pots containing a range of artwork such as painting, sculpture, textiles and word art as part of the Delicious Monsters: Plants of […]

Inspirational Objects: Nature as Designer

2 May 2013- 16 June 2013

Alison Milner (artist and curator), Steve Speller (photographer)

We live in a world created by nature but designed by man. Everyday we interact with hundreds of objects, the majority of which we take for granted. Some are inventive and ingenious, some are full of poetry and memories and some seem indispensable but can ultimately be destructive.  Curator Alison Milner and photographer Steve Speller encourage you to look a little differently at these everyday objects.An ongoing self-led workshop space is open throughout […]

Common Knowledge

2 May 2013- 19 May 2013

Jacques Nimki and Guardians of Common Knowledge

Working alongside artist Jacques Nimki the Guardians of Common Knowledge, a group of local young people, have been exploring the natural and social heritage of Tooting Bec Common. Through a series of multimedia artworks, this exhibition illustrates their ongoing research into one of London’s most unique green spaces.Guardians of Common Knowledge are Tejui Parajiea Joe Herley, Jess Gell, Hamza Javaid and Catherine Parkes.  Presented by UP Projects as part of Common […]

D Eye Y

6 February 2013- 7 April 2013

BBKP- Nathan Birchenough, Nicholas Brown, Craig Kao, Savvas Papasavva

Artists group BBKP, Nathan Birchenough, Nicholas Brown, Craig Kao, Savvas Papasavva, present their photography commission exhibition D Eye Y at the Pump House Gallery from the 6 February 2013.D Eye Y is an animated, imaginative journey exploring non digital photography.  Over the past months, Wandsworth based Artist Group BBKP have been working with residents, artists and community groups to experiment with photographic processes and equipment.  This exhibition is a celebratory culmination of their […]

Beauty is the First Test

12 September 2012- 25 November 2012

Michael Brennand-Wood, Suresh Dutt, Janice Gunner, Lesley Halliwell, Lucy McMullen, Janette Matthews, Peter Randall Page, Ann Sutton, Laura Thomas

A group exhibition that will explore how mathematical concepts underpin craft techniques and artistic development, in an attempt to demystify a subject that intimidates both adults and children, by showing unique and stimulating works of art. ‘Beauty is the First Test’ will draw together existing and new artworks to invite in-depth consideration of contemporary craft practice in this wider context. Beauty and playfulness will be evident in the exhibits to illustrate what delights […]

Departure Lounge

5 July 2012- 8 July 2012

An interdisciplinary project by post-graduate students of the Royal College of Art, London.

This exhibition is the result of an experimental project by students and staff from the Royal College of Art.  To a great extent, airports are increasingly dominating our lives - the endless repetition of tensor barriers, check-ins and notice boards, which easily represent our slick, modern age. Together with excessive information and excessive space, this protracted invasion of the world we encounter is described as 'supermodernity'. Five teams from the programmes of Applied Art, […]


6 June 2012- 24 June 2012

June will see Battersea Park become a hive of activity in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. As part of the festivities, Pump House Gallery is hosting a month long exhibition of royal memorabilia and royal memories provided by the public. The exhibition will see artefacts come together alongside photo portraits and written testaments of the owner’s anecdotal stories.'Souvenir' is an ongoing project by artist-curator Josh Knowles about popular […]

Social States: Baptist Coelho and Nadia Kaabi-Linke

15 March 2012- 20 May 2012

Baptist Coelho, Nadia Kaabi-Linke

An exhibition of new works developed during the artists’ residencies at Delfina Foundation in autumn 2011. The artists are responding to the environment of the gallery, exploring it’s social and physical landscapes, and the juxtaposition of social and personal contexts.   Baptist Coelho lives and works in Mumbai, India. He merges personal approaches to research with local cultural languages, geographies and histories. He is exploring traces of conflict in people and places around […]

Art, Performance & Activism in Contemporary Japan

19 January 2012- 26 February 2012

Teiji Furuhashi, DumbType, Bubu de la Madeleine, Cho Yukio/Akira the Hustler, Yoshiko Shimada, Soni Kum, Chikako Yamashiro

Art, Performance & Activism features the work of artists/activists based in Japan who push the boundaries of where art, performance and activism intersect. Presenting visually powerful and pioneering works from the mid-1990s to the present the exhibition explores differing strategies of intervention that seek to engage in contemporary debates and to change how we think and act.   Engaging with contemporary themes of art and action, private and public, memory and identity, the […]


22 October 2011- 13 December 2011

Juneau Projects

Artists Ben Sadler and Phil Duckworth, who make up Juneau Projects have long been interested in folk art in all its forms. They are interested in the ways in which people are motivated to make things by creative desire, and not by the thought of commercial gain. With this in mind they have conceived a plan for an open exhibition – in this case a genuinely ‘open’ exhibition where contributors will not be […]

A Future Pump House: Ideas, Thoughts and Plans

29 July 2011- 25 September 2011

Jonathan Allen, Simon Faithfull, Christian Jankowski, Thomas Kilpper, Bik van der Pol, Henry VIII Wives, Richard Wentworth, Residents of Wandsworth, Royal College of Art Students, Joe Drakeford, Sian Gledhill, Rebecca Griffiths, Kevin Green, Julia Hayes, Evy Jokhova, Minae Kim, Wonwoo Lee, Tom Pope, Chris Succo

Wandsworth Council is pleased to announce ‘A Future Pump House’, a group exhibition curated by Nick Aikens. The exhibition will feature new work by invited artists who have previously exhibited at the gallery, selected students from the Royal College of Art and residents from within the Borough of Wandsworth following an open call-out.‘A Future Pump House: Ideas, Thoughts and Plans’ takes at its starting point the position the gallery (and […]

Somewhere, Nowhere

20 May 2011- 19 June 2011

Jodie Carey

A solo show by Uk based artist Jodie Carey, Somewhere, Nowhere presents the results of a three year bursary awarded to the artist by The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in partnership with Chelsea Arts Club Trust, alongside new work made for Pump House Gallery.  Somewhere, Nowhere centres around ideas of time, memory and materiality. The focus is on a transitory, ephemeral and corporeal beauty, evoking notions of time passing, memories […]


11 May 2011- 15 May 2011


Ghosts are about, and some have dogs. Magical water features created by human fountains. The Pump House itself transformed to present living local stories from its 150 years history. Book early for a magically unique theatrical event. People Show 122: The Pump House Project is devised by Roehampton and ALRA students with People Show, with input from local residents.  It is developed in partnership with Wandsworth Arts Team and is funded by Arts Council England. People […]

Magic Show

6 October 2010- 19 December 2010

Hayward Touring Exhibition

For some, the idea of magic suggests fantasy and illusion, while for others it signals a license to practice deception.  'Magic Show' considers these aspects intertwined, how both art and magic employ perception-shifting tactics that exploit the power of suggestion. Artists, like magicians, manipulate and mystify not simply for entertainment, but to redress fundamental relationship within the social, political or cultural realm.  'Magic Show' features work by 24 international artists, with new […]

Hypercomics: The Shapes of Comics to Come

12 August 2010- 26 September 2010

Adam Dant, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, Dave McKean, Warren Pleece

Hypercomics explores the shape of comics to come, in an exhibition that liberates artists from the confines of the printed page and singular narrative. Unlike conventional comics, Hypercomics offers the spectator an interactive choice of multiple storylines, each giving different perspectives on the same character, place or event. Here comics are placed into the context of an art gallery allowing their stories the unique opportunity to relate to one another from wall-to-wall and floor-to-floor. Each […]

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