The Grounds We Tread

20 April 2016- 19 June 2016

Exhibition Preview: 19 April 2016, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Dates of each solo presentation*:
Jiří Kovanda: Wed 20 - Thu 28 April
Lloyd Corporation: Fri 6 - Sun 15 May
Ilona Sagar: Tue 24 - Tue 31 May
Cara Tolmie: Wed 8 - Sun 19 June

The Grounds We Tread is an ambitious performative exhibition of international artists taking on ideas of public space. The work questions how public space is inhabited by social relations, by ideas, by language and communication and by technology. The consecutive nature of the presentations by artists Jiří Kovanda, Lloyd Corporation, Ilona Sagar and Cara Tolmie complicates notions of public space and the way in which it is utilised and governed.

About the artists:
Jiří Kovanda's best known for his pioneering 1970s performances in Prague using his body to create disruptive public actions and often challenging social taboos. One of his recent prominent works, Kissing Through Glass (2007) at Tate Modern, allowed visitors to kiss him through a large glass window. Kovanda opens The Grounds We Tread at Pump House Gallery with a playful, spontaneous performance, and documentation of Kovanda’s 1970s actions, also presented on the walls of the Gallery as unframed works, produced on the in-house printer.

Lloyd Corporation's a collaboration between artists Ali Eisa and Sebastian Lloyd Rees encompassing sculpture, installation, print and video. For The Grounds We Tread, they have assembled a group of artists through a diverse range of networks to represent the rapidly changing urban landscapes of Nine Elms and Battersea through media, such as watercolour painting. Alongside the exhibition of these works is material gathered from a new classified advertising campaign initiated by the artists, and from their archive of classified adverts and flyposters.

Ilona Sagar has a practice spanning performance, film and assemblage that responds to the social, historical and cultural contexts of occupied private and public space. For her new live performance and multimedia installation, Sagar draws on contemporary medical and neurological research and archival material relating to progressive medical, social and political experiments undertaken in the early twentieth century.

Cara Tolmie brings The Grounds We Tread to a close with We Touch Talking the Hum, the artist’s long-term project investigating fundamental questions about what it means to sing live in front of others, and how the use of the voice as a rhetorical, seductive agent, might be corrupted and re-configured through experimentation in performance making. Tolmie now extends her research towards consideration of the body that enunciates and the sounds that accompany this singing voice.

During this presentation Tolmie will use the first floor gallery space as a studio for experimenting with sound and rehearsing.  This space will be closed to the public apart from during scheduled listening sessions on the following days from 3pm onwards:
Wednesday 8th June
Sunday 12th June
Tuesday 14th June
Thursday 16th June
Saturday 18th June


This exhibition is supported by Wandsworth Borough Council, Arts Council England and The Czech Centre, London

*Note: The gallery will be closed around these dates for presentation changeovers.